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Uncomplicate Your Accounts

Until now, accounting packages - even online ones - have been built by accountants, for accountants. eLEDGER was designed for the rest of us - with only the core features you need as a SMALL BUSINESS and none of the other stuff you didn't want, which just confuses you and makes doing the books so difficult and time-consuming. Think of a remote control...

Other accounting tools very complicated universal remote
  • pretty to look at but more expensive
  • too complex for most people
  • so many features you never even use
  • designed to work for BIG BUSINESS too
eLEDGER very simple universal remote
  • basic design at a low price
  • easy enough to just start using
  • ONLY the features you actually need
  • designed ONLY for SMALL BUSINESS

Your business is simple - there's no reason your accounts need to be complicated.