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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it FREE?

We've worked hard to build a better accounting product, after years of toiling with the crap that was produced by previous accounting systems which seem to have one primary purpose: GET YOUR MONEY. After putting together the Lean Account we decided just shifting your accounts online - and simplifying the hell out of them - just wasn't revolutionary enough.

We decided it was high time something this basic and fundamental to your business should be FREE - so, until further notice, you will not be asked to pay a single cent - and that includes being asked to bear awful intrusive ads for things like bookkeeping services. (which you no longer need, eh? ;)

Can I add or remove users at any time?

Adding or removing users who can access your accounts can be done in seconds, by using the Control Panel on your main menu. You can also select and change the level of access to give your users with the same control panel. You must always have at least one user - be careful you don't remove yourself!

What about my accountant?

You can authorise accountants and others outside your business to access your records by creating their own Partner Account, which allows them to manage multiple businesses and organisations, incuding their own. You can authorise and revoke authorisation for your partner at any time, from your Control Panel. A Partner User has access to all the same information as you would, except for your Control Panel.

Will I be put on some long term contract?

You can cancel at any time and you can also renew your subscription any time, after you cancel - although we do not guarantee we will hold onto your accounts for more than one financial quarter (three months).

How does it handle GST?

On Executive accounts, all Sales and Purchase Orders use figures which are GST-exclusive by default and treat GST as a separate charge - this is automatically calculated and added to the total by simply marking the GST box against each item on the order. All the items in your Catalog work the same way and have a similar checkbox to specify if you want the system to add GST to the price.

When you make or receive a payment, this is money in the bank and these are treated as GST-inclusive - the system will automatically calculate that GST value for you, again by simply ticking a box. The GST Summary available on your Home Screen is based on those payment details so it's a good idea to make sure those figures are always accurate.

How do I create an Invoice?

When you create or edit the record of a payment you have received, there is a checkbox which tells the system to automatically generate an Invoice from those payment details, when checked. If you didn't choose to automatically create one, you can still do it later by clicking the "INVOICE" button, when displaying the payment record.

On Executive accounts, there is a similar button/check box when you create, edit or display a Sales Order - even if you haven't recieved any payment on it, yet. You can also customise your invoice (beyond just having your own logo on there) by including a personalised message to your customer in the order and this will appear on your invoice. When displaying your order, the "INVOICE" button opens a drop-down menu which you can use to display any previous invoices from that order as well as create a new one.

How do I go from Sale to Payment to Invoice in a single-click?

When you create a new Sales Order, you have the option to include any amount paid right there in the order - say, if you have received a deposit or full payment upfront - and there is also the previously mentioned check box which allows you to create a new invoice immediately. The system will automatically create your payment record and if you've asked for an invoice, it will automatically generate and display that invoice as well - as soon as you hit OK - with a single-click!

Can I email Invoices directly to my customer?

Absolutely - provided you know their email address, of course! Whenever you display ('preview') an invoice (or the system automatically displays one for you, after creating it) there is a button just above the preview to send off that invoice to your customer, including a short personal message from you, so they know why you've sent them the email. The email is sent from your email address and not some eLEDGER branded email address and you can also ask to be sent a copy of the email, so you know it has been sent and exactly what it looks like.

What about if Tax rates or laws change?

We make it our business to stay on top of all relevant legislation and regulation, such as perennial changes to Australia's Tax laws and recent changes to Privacy laws. We have experts on hand to not only ensure the system is updated but also remains compliant at all times. This means that our customers do not need to make any direct changes or updates themselves, but the system automatically adjusts according to those changing requirements - and those changes automatically flow through to every customer seamlessly, in the background. Even though you do not need to update anything manually, yourself, we do recommend you have your own experts such as an accountant and lawyer, as a matter of best-practice.