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With eLEDGER you can create an order, Payment and Invoice - in one single step, with one single-click - from anywhere in the world, at any time, using any device with internet access.
The system will automatically calculate the GST, update your Contacts and your Catalog, automatically create the Payment or Receipt record if you have already received part or full payment, and even automatically create a customised Invoice - as soon as you hit 'OK'.

You can also easily organise your orders, at the click of a button. Sort them by price or Contact, instead of by date. You can also restrict the view to a particular contact or category, or even by a range of dates or amounts, so you can get a better idea of all your orders, say to one particular supplier, or from a particular customer.

Click on a record to display all the details of that order. Click again to edit those details, or to create a brand new order using that Contact, or to edit the details of that Contact. You can mark your order as fully paid with a single click and the system will automatically create and display that new Payment or Receipt for you. You can also view any existing Invoices or create a new one - again with just a single-click.