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Do your accounts online quickly, EASILY, and FOR FREE.

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we make it easy
by keeping it SIMPLE
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Uncomplicate Your Accounts

Until now, accounting packages - even online ones - have been built by accountants, for accountants. eLEDGER was designed for the rest of us - with only the core features you need as a SMALL BUSINESS and none of the other stuff you didn't want, which just confuses you and makes doing the books so difficult and time-consuming. Think of a remote control...

Other accounting tools very complicated universal remote
  • pretty to look at but more expensive
  • too complex for most people
  • so many features you never even use
  • designed to work for BIG BUSINESS too
eLEDGER very simple universal remote
  • basic design at a low price
  • easy enough to just start using
  • ONLY the features you actually need
  • designed ONLY for SMALL BUSINESS

Your business is simple - there's no reason your accounts need to be complicated.

Why eLEDGER is better for YOU

We've been where you are. We run a small business based out of Melbourne and, like you, we understand the importance of book keeping but might struggle with it because accounting can be scary and boring and, at the end of the day, none of us actually like accounting.

We initially created a small web app to help us with ours and soon realised we had something that others would find as useful as we did. eLEDGER was born out of the same frustrations which brought you here today and everything about it is simple and time-saving.

It's not meant for big businesses with huge inventories and revenues to match. It provides basic book keeping features to small, but awesome businesses like yours.